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Quality Control

In Lovenature Superfoods, we hold the believe that in the industry of ingredients, it is important that companies are extremely meticulous and thorough when it comes to quality. Experience has taught us to become diligent about the quality of what we are selling; how it is grown, packed, shipped, stored and delivered.


At Lovenature Superfoods, we have been connecting farmers worldwide since 2016. We are one of the largest importers of organic superfoods in Europe, trusted by hundreds of top selling manufactures as their source for high-quality superfoods. Therefore, we are experts at sourcing the best quality organic ingredients from all over the world.


We do not just rely on the industry-standard manufacture certificate of analysis. We always perform extensive lab testing and use top-notch quality control systems. We test each imported ingredient at our laboratories for heavy metals, organic purity, and biological contamination.

        Read our Quality Policy


Co-founder of Lovenature Superfoods visiting a Chia production (from left): Maria and Iván Arrigazzi

Premium Quality Ingredients

When working with Lovenature Superfoods, you will know that we are obsessive about ensuring the premium quality of your ingredients.

You will have a supplier who is working in close partnership with our farmers and partners forming real lasting bonds.


All this enables us to offer the highest quality ingredients at a superior value and on top of that, we offer you a catalog of nutrient-dense superfoods, which are grown with integrity in healthy soils on sustainable, organic farms

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