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Founder Frank Arrigazzi (middle) with family and factory team in the Lovenature Factory, East Africa

Quality Control

At Lovenature Superfoods, quality isn't just a priority - it's our passion. We take pride in planting superfoods grown in the purest lands with healthy soils on sustainable, organic farms.

With our own local factories in East Africa we are deeply committed to ensuring that every batch of chia and sesame meets European standards. Following rigorous standards of excellence, we control every part of the process from planting, harvesting, traceability, cleaning, testing, and packing, ensuring your product always meets our strict European standards and is free of unwanted pesticides, herbicides, and heavy metals.

We handle all the documentation for you and assess the feasibility of a project in record time. In cooperation with our partners, we also offer a full retail packing service. In some cases, we can even provide biodegradable cane and corn materials.

We are diligent about the quality of what we are selling and care about the entire process; we take great care in how our ingredients are grown, packed, shipped, stored, and delivered.

Since 2016, we've forged connections with farmers worldwide, earning our reputation as Europe's trusted source for premium organic ingredients. Our dedication shines through in our rigorous lab testing, where we meticulously check for heavy metals, organic purity, and contamination, exceeding industry standards.

Read our Quality Policy

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