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"Our Organic Seeds are curated from small organic family farms, and we are proud to say that they are produced on sustainable cooperatives."

Organic Seeds

At Lovenature Superfoods, we are experts at sourcing the best quality organic ingredients from all over the world. Our Organic Royal Quinoa is hand made by our carefully selected farmers in the fertile lands of Bolivia, and we offer a wide range of the highest quality organic superfoods seeds.


It is the Royal Quinoa that survives the aridity of our saline-volcanic soils has incomparable nutritional properties, grains up to 6 times larger, organic and gluten-free. 

The Royal Quinoa from Bolivia, is the real quinoa.


To get to know better our Organic Seeds or download our Final Ingredient Specifications, see our bestselling Organic Black Chia Seeds (Uganda), and our Organic Natural Sesame Seeds (Uganda).

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