Lovenature Superfoods

The Lovenature Brothers (from left): Dario Arrigazzi, Frank Arrigazzi and Ivan Arrigazzi

The Founders Story

This story is about three brothers, Frank, Dario and Iván Arrigazzi, who grew up learning about health from an early age.


Their father, a holistic health practitioner and owner of several health stores around Spain taught them tirelessly about the healing powers of superfoods and the importance of organic nutrition.


With their own eyes, they saw countless of miracles performed by the human body when terminally ill people and royals came from all over Europe to let themselves be treated solely with organic superfoods at the father's renowned health institute. 

Inspired by the power of organic superfoods, the brothers went out into the world with a mission to shake up the industry and to make organic ingredients more widely available and more affordable in the market. 

"It is with passion and pride that we do our best to make organic ingredients more widely available and more affordable in the market." 

Co-founder of Lovenature Superfoods visiting a Quinoa production (from left): Sergio and Iván Arrigazzi

Lovenature Superfoods

In Lovenature Superfoods, we are striving to create an organic, responsibly sourced business that combats an industry dominated by pesticides and herbicides. 

We want to go back to the way nature intended it, and working along with our farmers we source and produce the best quality organic dried ingredients directly from origin and delivering them right to your warehouse.

Lovenature Superfoods is a family run business, with CEO Frank Arrigazzi at the forefront playing a leading role in driving strategic initiatives and growth on a global scale.


The vision is one of innovation, sustainability and global relationships and both of Frank's brothers Iván and Dario are closely involved in the business, driving the global relationships with farmers and suppliers and handling the logistics and administration.

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