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Original Colombian Panela

In Lovenature Superfoods, we are striving to create an organic, responsibly sourced business that combats an industry dominated by pesticides and herbicides. That’s why bringing the best quality organic panela to your hands is something we take great pride in.


Panela is a kind of unrefined non-centrifugal cane sugar that can be found in the solid form of sucrose. It can be obtained by the process of boiling and evaporating water from the sugarcane juice. (IndustryARC, Report panela-market)

- The sugarcane juice is filtered and slowly cooked until get a gold-like paste.

- Finally, it goes through a drying process and is sprayed until obtaining a grain of suitable size

Panela is an alternative to sugar to provide sweetness and taste.

It is very widely used in the sectors of

- food

- beverages industry that involves soft drinks

- confectionery

- bakery

Colombia accounts for 15% of Panela production in the world, making it the second-largest manufacturer after India. (IndustryARC)

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