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Why investing in organic farming in Africa is the future?

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

Organic farming is my passion, and I have been taught the benefits of following an organic way of life since I was a child, and I have made my mission to make organic ingredients more widely available in the world market.

In my search to become a more efficient supplier of organic ingredients and serve our clients to the best of my ability, we decided to start working directly with farmers in Uganda, Africa.

During this process, we have built a network of 15,000 farmers. Today we can supervise our entire production, from planting to processing our seeds to shipping, and we are able to offer complete traceability from the soil to our client’s warehouse.

Uganda has some of the richest soil in the world. With its tropical climate and availability of water, rainfall, several large lakes, and its position within the Nile basin, the country has a wealth of agricultural opportunities.

Uganda’s fertile soils, especially around Lake Victoria, are home to tea and coffee plantations, sugar cane, and cocoa beans as high-value cash crops. But much of Uganda’s agricultural land is under-utilised, with only about 35 per cent being cultivated, often with traditional farming methods and tools.

Uganda also benefits in some cases from two harvests per year, making it incredibly attractive to reach a higher volume of harvested goods each year.

In fact, it is estimated that Uganda’s arable land could produce enough food to feed 200 million people – isn’t that amazing?

In Uganda, farmers are well aware of the detriment of using chemical fertilisers or pesticides of any kind, and instead, they use natural methods and prepare their homemade fertilisers. Hence, the country uses less than 5% of pesticides, making this land the perfect place to become the leading organic agriculture powerhouse in the world.

The workforce in Uganda is readily available, and a farmer has an average of approximately 1-1.5 acres of land. This means that by working with farmers in Uganda, we are supporting real organic small-scale farming.

Farmers in Uganda typically survive on lower-valued crops that are sold in the local market. Hence, investing in Africa allows farmers to expand their horizons and plant higher-value crops for western markets.

This creates a win-win situation for the farmer, which benefits by selling a product with better value, lifting and motivating their communities and selling to the world market high-quality ingredients grown in rich soils, which at the same time at very competitive prices.

The combination of the pure, untouched soil, the large uncultivated land and the impressive farming workforce makes Uganda the perfect place to invest in organic agriculture.

Yours in Super Health,

Frank Arrigazzi CEO of the Lovenature Superfoods Group

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