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A positive GROWTH for Sesame in the European market!

The Sesame market has an important role in ethnic food in Europe. The popularity of these seeds has increased significantly over the recent past, as consumers are more inclined toward natural and wholesome ingredients.(Mordor Intelligence)

- Greece: Europe’s number 1 consumer of sesame seeds due to a very strong consumption of traditional local sesame products, often-used ingredients for popular foods such as Tahini, pasteli, koulouri, or halva.

- Germany: leading importer for a diverse market. A large quantity of sesame seeds is used in the bakery sector, for example for bread buns and pretzels.

-Netherlands: imports a relatively high share of sesame seeds because of its key role as a hub for food ingredients. The remaining product in the Dutch market is used by producers of bakery products or popular ethnic products such as hummus and tahini.

- Poland: Sesame is well-known in the confectionery industry. Several Polish sweets use sesame as an ingredient, such as ‘Sezamki’, its different types of bread, among which several seeds such as poppy and sesame seeds are extensively used.

- France: There is a potential for niche markets and long-term growth. Surely sesame seeds are used in several snack products such as breadsticks, crackers, and biscuits, or more ethnic products.

- Italy: Sesame seeds in Italy are sold by retailers in consumer packing or bakery products, but it is also used for typical Sicilian products such as sesame seed cookies “biscotti Regina” and the nougat-like candy “giuggiulena".This study has been carried out on behalf of CBI by ICI Business

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