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Organic Natural

Sesame Seeds

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Raw material: Our Organic Natural Sesame Seeds grows in East Africa's pure "virgin soil". They are processed under strict BRC and organic certified standards in our certified BRC facility.

GMO-free, radiation-free and additive-free.

Country of origin: Uganda.

Industrial uses:

Intended use of the ingredient: Organic Natural Sesame Seeds can be consumed raw or toasted. They are common in diets as a source of calcium since the content in our Organic Natural Sesame Seeds exceeds the calcium content in animal milk. They stand out for their content in mucilage and fibre, which contributes to the proper functioning of the digestive tract.

Allergens: No toxic effects are reported for Organic Natural Sesame Seeds, and the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) recognises them as safe for consumption.

Any questions regarding our quality? Please contact

Lovenature Superfoods' Quality Manager.

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"Our Organic Sesame is grown by small-scale family farmers in the pristine African soil."

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