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Become a part of Lovenature Superfood's family

At Lovenature Superfoods, we take care of both our customers and our producers, and the latter is as important as our team. So to become part of the Lovenature Superfoods team, please follow our guidelines.


Before filling in the form and attaching the documentation please make sure that you meet the following requirements:


  • You can provide organic ingredients without traces of pesticides in accordance to the EU regulations.

  • You can provide one or more of the following ingredients:*



*The ingredients you provide must comply with the required quality documents and certificates as per below (these documents must be active and up to date): 



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To become our new Supplier we need you to provide us with our required documents. We ask you to please fill out the Final Supplier Form below. In order to fill out the form, you must be ready to attach the following documents:

  1. Organic Certification *required

  2. Our Approval Questionnaire filled out correctly and in its entirety (click here to download) *required

  3. GFSI certificate (BRC, IFS...etc.) *optional

  4. A representative analysis performed on your latest ingredients batch *required

  5. Price list (including the date you will have available stock) *required

  6. Specifications of your ingredients *required

  7. Specifications for your packaging ensuring that complies with European standards *required

  8. Certificate of migration of extra material components *required

  9. Declaration of conformity of supplementary material (a certificate that certifies that the additional material does not contaminate the product) *required

  10. Flowchart *required

- Once you are ready to upload our requested list of documents, continue on the link below.

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