We are Lovenature Superfoods


Dario  Arrigazzi

Frank  Arrigazzi

Operations Manager

CEO & Co-Founder

Logan McHenry

Andrea Menéndez

Victor J. Pérez

Liliana García

Miguel Marcos

Head of Business Development (Asia)

Quality Manager

Financial & Administration Manager

Quality Assistant

Head of Logistics

Wendy Huerta

Global Logistics Manager

Matia Itunda

María Angeles Rubio

Joselyn Rios

Robert Toorach

Sourcing & Quality
Operator (Africa)

Purchase Manager

Executive Assistant

Quality Inspector Assistant

Paula Uribe

Iván  Arrigazzi

Sales Representative Intern



Our Mission

  • Making organic, plant-based and vegan ingredients more widely available
  • Creating a positive impact in the communities where our ingredients originate

Since 2016

  • Strong partnerships with producers worldwide
  • Serving ingredients to the largest EU food industry players
  • Delivering excellence
  • Creating long-lasting human connections

Our Goals

  • Delivering 10,000 metric tons of ingredients between retail and bulk in 2021
  • Reaching 25,000 metric tons by 2023
  • Growing the Lovenature Superfoods team from 
      10 to 50 employees strong by 2023

We Offer


Quality Control

  • Strict and rigorous quality control systems throughout our supply chain
  • Continuous attention to quality improvement to offer excellence 

Advice & Expertise

Private Label

  • Assisting food manufacturers staying up-to-date with the market changes
  • Offering a range of plant-based, organic, gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, GMO-free ingredients
  • Complete packing service for retail
  • 100% recyclable and biodegradable packaging alternatives 

Work With Us

Following rigorous standards of excellence, we control every part of the process from volume, quality, and homogeneity, along with making sure your product always meets our strict European standards. This includes certifying that it is free of unwanted pesticides, herbicides, and heavy metals.

Our close relationships with growers mean we handle all the documentation for you, and quickly assess the feasibility of a project, in record time. 

In cooperation with our partners, we are also able to offer a full retail packing service. In some cases, we can also provide biodegradable "cane and corn materials." 

As always, our dedicated Lovenature Superfoods specialists are on hand to help you with the logistics of your order. 

"We always keep our commitment to deliver what we promise - at our cost."

Co-founder of Lovenature Superfoods visiting an Organic Chia Production Facility in Paraguay

(from left): Juan and Iván Arrigazzi