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We LOVE Sesame Seeds!

Why do we love Sesame Seeds?

  • For their health benefits! They are rich in beneficial minerals and healthy fats.

  • As a plant-based protein source! Great for those following a plant-based diet.

  • As a versatile cooking ingredient! From creamy tahini, to nutty sesame oil; or simply sprinkled on to your favourite dishes.

We proudly offer Organic Sesame Seeds from our farmers in Uganda. Our quality analyses show that sesame seeds produced in Uganda are of high purity and they are free from Ethylene oxide. See our latest representative analysis below.

Since seed quality can be expressed in terms of purity, health, viability and vigour, production of pathogen-free seeds meets one of the vital quality standard requirements of Lovenature Superfoods. See our specifications below or try a sample!

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