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The positive impact sugar

I would love to introduce you to....

Hi! My name is Thea, the Marketing Director of Lovenature Superfoods…

1,5 year ago, when it was still easy to travel the world, I went with a small film crew to the jungle of Colombia to meet and connect with our very own Panela campesinos. Out of this experience came a magical gem of a film... And what an incredible experience it was!

I felt blessed to be surrounded by butterflies, sugar canes and most of all happy families of farmers. All the while documenting the entire artisan process of panela-making that took place before my very eyes.

Take 1 minute to view the Panela film we have made in Colombia...

You may already be aware, but panela sugar is 100% unrefined and evaporated sugarcane juice that retains all its natural vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Our Organic Panela is 100% artisan-made using centuries old methods, which makes it environmentally friendly and sustainable.

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