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Thank you, we are grateful to you!

...New team members, certifications and ingredients!

Here at the Lovenature Superfoods HQ, we are very grateful for your support in the last many months. We started as a company of just three brothers in 2016 and now we have grown to a 15 people strong team! This is all because of you!

...So we have been productive behind the scenes working on finalising our B-corp, Smeta and Jas Certification (Japaneese Organic), in order to be able to serve you all better and to prove to you our commitment to excellence.

On the same time our ingredient catalogue is expanding and we are now not solely offering Organic Seeds, Organic Unrefined Sugars and Organic Coconut Derivatives, but we also offer a large range of Organic Gluten-free Flours.

Thank you for your continuous support!

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