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Producing Panela the artisan way!

Curious about our process? 

This is how we produce Organic Panela:

Our Panela is grown in the wild and mountainous terrain of Colombia, and this is why our Campesinos rely on mules to transport the harvested sugarcane back to their Trapiche. 

As soon as the Campesinos have harvested enough sugarcane for a batch of Panela they then start to cold-press the fresh sugarcane.

The sugarcane juice is filtered and be placed into a giant stainless-steel cooking plate. The juice is slowly cooked through three different levels into in a gold-like paste.

It will then be hand-pressed to a finely pulverised sugar or a panela block.

The finished product is then sent to our processing facility to go through our strict IFS certified quality control to ensure a top-notch product.

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