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Organic Natural Sesame Seeds

AVAILABLE from origin


The humble Sesame Seed is ending the year as one of the most talked about ingredients of 2020. It’s been a turbulent few months for this little seed, as news broke in early September of contaminated goods entering the EU from India.

Several batches of sesame seeds from five producers in India were found to contain very high levels of Ethylene Oxide, a carcinogen that can be harmful to human health if consumed regularly over time. This unfortunate news has resulted in many products, such as bread, crackers, cereals, being recalled around the world.

Here at Lovenature Superfoods, our solid relationships with our farmers in Paraguay has allowed us to secure additional stock of Organic Natural Sesame Seeds for our customers.

As is the case with all our ingredients, we will provide our customers with a full analysis and inspection report, including results specifically for Ethylene Oxide.

Secure your sesame seeds volumes with us now, for delivery into Europe early 2021. With growing demand for this ingredient, we advise you get in touch soon!

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