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Lovenature Superfoods' Positive impact ingredients:

Pristine Royal Quinoa

Our Royal Quinoa is hand-grown and harvested near the crest of the Andes Mountains. The high altitudes and saline-volcanic soils produce pristine Royal Quinoa of unparalleled nutritional value, with seeds up to six times larger than other varieties.

We assure our premium ingredients with our specialized technical Quinoa Quality Control Team, perfect soil management and conservation. Our high-quality Royal Quinoa is available in organic and conventional, White/Red/Black and Tricolour varieties that always complies with the current organic legislation.

Lovenature's Human Circle project began in Bolivia in 2018. It helps more than 15 sustainable, family-operated farming communities. We work to better the conditions for our farmers and provide stable, reliable pricing and continued education on sustainable, organic farming.

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