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Lovenature Superfoods is becoming B Corp certified!


"B Corp is the only certification that looks at the entire company. It certifies the highest standards in environmental and social matters and the transparency of the companies."

We are more than proud to announce that Lovenature will be one of the Organic food trading business in Europe that will leading the way and are becoming B Corp certified. We have been working behind the scenes on this very certification and have already now gone above and beyond and received a 40 percent higher score from the organisation than what is required!

This confirms our full dedication to not only be the best at what we do:

Providing the purest, highest quality organic ingredients, but also be the best for the world.

We are always striving to create the best experience for our partners, clients and employees and we are now going to be first movers in this global movement of the World’s most responsible businesses that all work towards a common goal to redefine what creates true success in the world!


"There are currently approx. 2,500 B Corps and certified companies

in the world divided in 60 countries."

We look forward to share the good news with you, when we have the certification in our hands.

For us, the B Corp certification is a natural extension of all the other work we do to be a responsible and sustainable company and this will be another milestone met on our journey towards being the company we strive to be.

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