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Lovenature Packing


"Lovenature Superfoods offer packing services. Our entire management team combined have 35 years of experience with running packing facilities!"

Food Safety always comes first. We are currently in the process of implementing the IFS Standard. We hold ISO22000/2005, but are migrating to a GFSI standard. We pack our ingredients in locales fully dedicated to food products for human consumption and also offer a mixing of ingredients.

We offer flexible packaging. Such as:

- Doypack, with or without zipper, wider measurement 105mm, up to 350mm x 400mm in height

- Stabylo, from 90mm, 150mm, 200mm x height up to 400mm

...Among many.

We provide environmentally-friendly packing materials;Biodegradable celluloses, recyclable mono-material plastics (PE or PP) and many more.

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