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A NEW harvest of our high quality

Organic Royal Quinoa is ready!

Organic Royal White Quinoa, Organic Royal Tricolour Quinoa, Organic Royal Red Quinoa and Organic Royal Black Quinoa is now freshly harvested from our plant inBolivia by the world's largest salt flat, the "Salar Uyuni," near the Andes Mountains.

The Royal Quinoa stands tall and thrives like no other plant in the Andes' extreme climate. The name "Royal" stems from the six times larger seeds and the incomparable nutritional properties (which comes from growing in saline-volcanic soils).

Here at Lovenature Superfoods,we are proud to be working towards bettering the conditions of our quinoa farmers through our Lovenature community programme HUMAN CIRCLE.

Through HUMAN CIRCLE we support our Organic Quinoa producers by

providing a stable and reliable price for their harvest and helping our mission of creating a positive impact in the communities where our ingredients originate!

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