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Global Logistics Manager

As one of the leading organic whole-food trading companies in Europe, Lovenature Superfoods is looking for a passionate, driven Logistic Assistant with great communication skills and excellent ability to be resourceful.

Lovenature Superfoods Group:

This year, our target is to reach 10.000 metric tonnes in sales on our bulk organic ingredients, and our goal is to reach 23,500 metric tonnes per year by 2023.

Our current ingredients include 'organic sesame seeds,' 'organic chia seeds,' 'organic panela sugar,' 'organic coconut sugar,' among other ingredients, and we are now building momentum, growing the business, and leading the market in new unique ways.

Our business model consists of working directly with incredible farmers worldwide and providing a complete quality control system, logistics directly from our farmers to our client's warehouse in Europe.

Our clients are leading European trading companies, manufacturers, and other prominent players at the industrial level.

Our door-to-door service helps to bring more efficiency and effectiveness to our client's buying department while we take care of every aspect of the process for them.


Personality required!

We are looking for an active person with initiative. Someone who is solution-oriented and makes sure that when they see something that does not work well, they will propose solutions and improve upon that system.


In this position, you will be working with the growth and optimization of our logistics department in the European region as well as the logistics coordination of products with suppliers from Latin America, Africa, and Asia.


We are looking for a candidate who truly loves logistics and process optimization, who can build structures and systems to improve the speed at which logistics operations are executed.


The candidate will be able to take initiative and face daily challenges with a positive mindset, as well as someone capable of innovating and breaking the mold when necessary.


Ideally, we need a team member who already has experience running logistics departments, while demonstrating drive, perseverance, and responsiveness.

Key responsibilities

  • Data and documentation control for product shipment

  • Updating and maintenance of stock data and shipment in our computer program

  • Communication with suppliers and customers

  • Managing customer orders

  • Communication and reporting to the Operations Manager



  • Knowledge of computer programs related to logistics

  • Experience working with logistics

  • English high level (other languages are a plus)

  • Ownership of a laptop, phone, and internet access

  • Interest in working remotely


The company is UK base; however, our team is spread through various EU countries so you will be able to work remotely from day one and be part of regular online/phone meetings. As mentioned earlier, communication is essential so you will need to prove that this is something you are comfortable with.

We are hiring now, so send your application to today!

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