Conventional Panela Sugar

Conventional Panela


Lovenature Panela Sugar is 100% artisan-made by hundreds of small families in Colombia, using centuries-old methods that involve dehydrating the sugarcane juice over low levels of heat. We follow strict quality control procedures to deliver a finished product of the highest standards. 


Lovenature Superfoods have been successfully packing for the largest retailers in Europe since 2016, and in 2019 we delivered over 1000 MT of Organic Panela Sugar and Conventional Panela Sugar.


Ingredient name: Conventional Panela Sugar.


Country of origin: Colombia.


Raw material: 100 % cane juice. Our Conventional Panela Sugar is a solid product obtained from the evaporation of the liquid from cane sugar, which later is granulated and sieved.


Intended use of the ingredient: Conventional Panela Sugar can sweeten food and beverages and act as an alternative to white or processed sugar.


Allergens: Allergen-free product (Regulation 1169/2011).

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