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Organic Brazil Nuts

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Raw material: Our Organic Brazil Nuts come from the Amazon wilderness, in an area that covers approximately 10% of the surface of Bolivia and which amounts to more than 100,000 km2. Bolivia produces 70% of the global export of Brazil Nuts and provides many thousands of jobs throughout the entire supply chain. Reaching up to 60 metres, Brazil Nut trees are among the tallest and the oldest in the vast South American forest, living up to 1,000 years.  

Country of origin: Bolivia.

Industrial uses:


Intended use of the ingredient: Brazil nuts can use in many dairy-alternative dishes. It can be used to make mayonnaise and add flavour and crunch to salads, granola, cake

Allergens: Brazil Nuts are declared allergens.

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"Lovenature Superfoods works closely with farmers in Bolivia to create genuinely lasting connections and to help import Organic Brazil Nuts of the highest standards into Europe."

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