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Organic Coconut Oil

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Raw material: Our Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is 100% pure and from organic farming. Our coconuts come from an island rich in ecology and biodiversity, and are processed in our Sri Lankan certified BRC facility. Our Virgin Coconut Oil is not bleached or deodorised with no added salt or citric acid to ensure the purest quality.

GMO-free, radiation-free and additive-free.


Country of origin: Sri Lanka.

Industrial uses:

Intended use of the ingredient: Organic Virgin Coconut Oil has a wide range of benefits and is the main ingredient in both food products and cosmetics. Among some of its most outstanding properties are the antibacterial and antifungal qualities. Secondly, the content of Lauric Acid (a medium-chain fatty acid) helps to control the overall cholesterol level.


Allergens: Organic Virgin Coconut Oil can be consumed by people with a nut allergy, as it is botanically a fruit. 

Any questions regarding our quality? Please contact 

Lovenature Superfoods' Quality Manager.

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We deliver your sample before 

48 hours within the EU!

Ingredient Documents

Ingredient Specifications
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Logistic Specifications
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Organic Coconut Oil

"Our organic coconuts are picked at the peak time,

which is significant to the efficacy of the processing of the oil,

making our Organic Virgin Coconut Oil a premium product."

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