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Coconut Products



The coconut is one of the most versatile fruits in the world. It has been used for centuries by native countries worldwide to provide a variety of products. Today Organic Coconut Products are still in high demand. The organic coconut appears in different nutritious ingredients or nourishing beauty products, and the oil is even used for biodiesel.



The farmers at Lovenature Superfoods harvest the coconut palm tree all year round. Our farmers climb high up into the tropical coconut palm trees to tap the coconut palm tree flower and bring the sweet nectar to the table. These trees are tapped for 25-40 years and use minimum water. Since the trees produce for so long, they are not cut down after each harvest. 


In Lovenature Superfoods our coconut products are produced on small, sustainable, cooperative owned farms and hand made by farmers in Sri Lanka and Indonesia. Every part of the tree, including the meat, the water as well as the fibrous husk is used. Thus, Lovenature Superfoods’ coconut products are a truly sustainable choice.

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